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An Introduction to Human Design

Self-paced Course — free

Are you new to Human Design? This course is for you!

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The Five Human Design Types

Live Class Replay — free

Introduction in the five Human Design aura types and their strategies.

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Authority vs. Strategy

Live Class Replay — $19 USD

Learn about Human Design authority and how that influences your type's strategy.

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The Projector Type

Self-paced Course — $44 USD

Diving deeper into the Projector type, strategy, invitations, and not-self emotional theme.

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The Projector Invitation

Live Class — $33 USD

What does it mean to be invited as a Projector, and how can you be sure it's the right invitation?

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6 Lines, 6 Learning Styles

Live Class — $33 USD

Exploring the lines in your Human Design profile in the context of learning styles.

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Self-Care 101

Self-paced Mini Course — $11 USD

Get clarity on why you don't get invitations or recognition, your level of tiredness, and your level of alignment as a Projector.

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Insights on Pricing

Self-paced Audio Course — $22 USD

In this audio course, I share my insights on how to set prices for your services with confidence and ease.

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"Thank you so much for your generosity with your time, writing, and coaching to help with my questions! I really appreciate your thoughtful reply, and the newsletters are great, too! You've given me so many great avenues to explore and prompts to dive into - thank you! I don't often imagine how I want to feel instead of how I've been feeling, so I'm particularly excited to try practicing that. Thanks again, Daisy, and I'm glad to be part of your community!"
Melissa R.
"As a Reflector, I think I was taken aback by how much of the chart resonated with me. I’m fairly self-aware, but the lunar decision-making aspect of my profile did make me think about why I need time, and lots of it, when making decisions. Daisy has been so generous with her time and offerings, I cannot praise her enough."
Cheryl Hislop