Ethical social media... come join us!

Making ethical decisions and doing business from a place of autenthicity and integrity is essential to me.
Facebook, Google and consortia don't match those values anymore.

That's why I chose to, when it comes to social media, connect with people through MeWe.
WeMe is an ethical platform that could easily replace Facebook.
No nasty algorithm, no annoying ads. Just people ❤︎

I'd love to invite you to connect:

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"I subscribed to your newsletter and found your e-mails very interesting to read. You radiate a particular trust and professionalism. The reading I got from you gave me more insight into myself. What inspired me the most is knowing that I’m a Manifesting Generator and need to wait for signs from the Universe, instead of just doing and initiating things. That is true. I noticed in my life that it works that way."
Nathalie Ghyllebert
Manifesting Generator
"As a Reflector, I think I was taken aback by how much of the chart resonated with me. I’m fairly self-aware, but the lunar decision-making aspect of my profile did make me think about why I need time, and lots of it, when making decisions. Daisy has been so generous with her time and offerings, I cannot praise her enough."
Cheryl Hislop