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"I'm going through your e-book right now, and can I just say I finally feel seen, heard? Finally, it is ok to be the way I am. It just works for me. People often tried to compare me to others in terms of business and those methods never worked for me. I get invited to do business; that’s just how it works for me. Being pushy doesn’t work for me. Showing up with the right energy or not show up at all: yes! I have never been able to be consistent, but in a good way. I still get everything I need done. Number 4 - some people won’t understand it: to BE rather than do."
Angelika S.
"Thank you so much for sharing this; it was really great. And it all makes sense. Quite new to Human Design yet, but for me, too, it is like coming home. Finally things make sense. And I so love — finally — someone telling me it’s OK to think. It’s OK to think. Which is my stuff. My world. And not having to be consistant. I just can’t. And I, too, cannot market the way we’re supposed to. It doesn’t work; never has. Thanks. For bringing peace of mind to us; to me. It’s like I can finally lean back. And breathe."
Anita V.
"Thank you so much for sharing this e-book. It is beautiful and so easy to read and understand. I can hear your authenticity and feel your determination for assisting us, Projectors. Beautiful; thank you, dear one! I’m so glad to be connected with you !"
Christina C.
"I really enjoyed this! A lovely intro into being a Projector and doing 'your own thing', especially for Human Design newbies. Recommended!"
Kate Elpo