Human Design Flow

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A simple, practical approach to Human Design, using True Sidereal astrology

A different approach to Human Design...

There is something special about this study group:

  • I'm offering a simple, practical, and more empowering approach to Human Design, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design. Zeno was one of the first-generation Human Design students and analysts.
  • Instead of using Ra Uru Hu's Rave I'Ching, I'm contemplating translations of the I'Ching and Richard Rudd's Gene Keys with the three-fold language of the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi.
  • I'm focusing on True Sidereal astrology as one of the four Human Design elements, instead of Tropical astrology, for calculating Human Design charts. It takes into account the visible sky and honors the 13th sign, Ophiuchus.

Not sure what I'm talking about?
Explore my free video series to get a taste of my approach.

Why these three elements?

First of all, I crave a more feminine, expansive, receptive, and balanced approach, without all the mental complexity, the many labels, the logic-only approach, and the endless layers to go through. Zeno gives us that simple, practical and straightforward approach. And Richard Rudd adds a more expansive, feminine language to it, honoring the spectrum of consciousness.

Secondly, I resonate a lot with astrology based on the visible sky. Using the True Sidereal calculations, working with my Human Design chart has been a profoundly transformative experience. And I would love for others to experience that, too.  

The bottom line is: No system can ever bring you the answers. No mapping can ever honor who you truly are.
But it can give you "clues" on where to find the answers within. It can provide you with these gentle nudges toward re-connecting with your true nature.

And that's precisely what this study group's philosophy is all about.
We are all on our personal journeys to finding and trusting the answers within, re-connect with our true nature, and get in flow with life itself. And it's always more fun to go on that journey together.

Welcome to the Human Design Flow study group 😊

Why a study group?

It's not just about learning the theory.
It's all about becoming practical.

Honestly, when you're approaching Human Design in a simple, straightforward way, there is not a lot to tell when it comes to studying and understanding the theory behind it.
The real magic is all about: the sharing, the support, the exchanging of experiences and insights.

And that's exactly what this study group is supposed to be: sharing our journeys, learning from each other, and holding space for each other while we learn to find and trust the answers within. 
Everything is interconnected, so why don't we make use of that interconnectedness to actively connect as a group?

This is what I can offer you:

Human Design Courses

Laying out a simple and straightforward approach to Human Design, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design and how I came to work with it. My unique approach in three self-paced courses.

Bonus Courses

Over time, I'm planning on creating bonus courses on (True Sidereal) astrology, I'Ching basics, Kabbalah basics, chakra bacis, (trauma) healing exercises, Reiki, etc. to support you on your journey.

Lesson-related Discussions

Every lesson has its own discussion board to ask questions, share your contemplations, and join the conversation. This is especially interesting if you want an alternative to the Facebook group. 

Interactive Assignments

With every module, I challenge you to contemplate and reflect on what you've learned. These are interactive assignments between teacher and student, where you can get 1:1 feedback from me.

Hexagram Contemplations

Database where you can find summaries of and my personal contemplations on the 64 hexagrams of the I'Ching, and the 64 Gene Keys with their Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi.
Updated regularly.

Free True Sidereal HD Chart

Get your free True Sidereal Human Design chart. I give you a simple body graph visual with the planetary gate/line activations (conscious and unconscious). No other distractions.

My Undated HD Journal

In my Undated Human Design Journal, I share my personal experiences, stories, contemplations, and insights on Human Design, Gene Keys, and other related modalities.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other students through our private Facebook group. This is the place where we can actively share our journeys with each other, and where you can ask questions 24/7.

Thursday Gatherings + Replays

Zoom conversations to share our experiences in real-time, and dive into charts to practice what we learn. You can also watch the Facebook livestream (listening-only mode).

Maximize your membership experience:

To maximize your experience in this study group, I recommend you to also get a copy of:
Richard Rudd's Gene Keys and/or The 64 Ways
Any I'Ching translation you prefer

For whom is this study group?

This study group is not for you, if:

  • you are not interested in a simple, practical, straightforward approach of Human Design;
  • you are very much attached to your type, strategy, authority, and profile, and not willing to explore a different approach;
  • you are not willing to share your experiments and experiences with other people;
  • you want a cookie-cutter approach, quick-fixes, a "this or that" approach, instead of learning how to find and trust the answers within as a long-term practice;
  • you only wish to defend Ra Uru Hu's teachings by bullying and preaching to people who are open to alternative approaches;
  • you believe Human Design should be free for all at all times, completely disregarding the effort, energy, investments, and education I put in to make this study group available to you.

On the other hand, if:

  • you are excited about a new, simple, practical, and self-teaching approach of Human Design;
  • you can't wait to share your aha!-moments and insights with others, learn from others, give and receive support and be welcomed into a family of fellow humans;
  • you are open to all possibilities and ready to be surprised, inspired, encouraged, and supported;
  • you are willing to put in the work to engage in an empowering journey and long-term practice of finding and trusting the answers within;
  • you are willing to invest a small amount of money every month in exchange for huge value,

... you are very much welcome ♥︎

monthly subscription

€ 27/month

+ 14-days free trial
  • Access to all courses and bonuses
  • Interactive assignments with 1:1 feedback
  • Lesson-related discussions
  • Hexagram Contemplations
  • Free True Sidereal Human Design chart
  • My Undated Human Design Journal
  • Private Facebook group
  • Thursday Gatherings in Zoom
  • Access to Replay Library
  • Resources Library
  • 14-days free trial
  • cancel monthly

quarterly subscription

€ 75/3 months

(€25/month — save €6)
+ 14-days free trial
  • Access to all courses and bonuses
  • Interactive assignments with 1:1 feedback
  • Lesson-related discussions
  • Hexagram Contemplations
  • Free True Sidereal Human Design chart
  • My Undated Human Design Journal
  • Private Facebook group
  • Thursday Gatherings in Zoom
  • Access to Replay Library
  • Resources Library
  • 14-days free trial
  • cancel every 3 months

half yearly subscription

€ 132/6 months

(€22/month — save €30)
+ 14-days free trial
  • Access to all courses and bonuses
  • Interactive assignments with 1:1 feedback
  • Lesson-related discussions
  • Hexagram Contemplations
  • Free True Sidereal Human Design chart
  • My Undated Human Design Journal
  • Private Facebook group
  • Thursday Gatherings in Zoom
  • Access to Replay Library
  • Resources Library
  • 14-days free trial
  • cancel every 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Design Flow Study Group is an online membership site filled with perks to help you re-connect with your true nature and create more flow in your life. We're discussing Human Design in depth, inspired on Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design teachings. We also experiment with an alternatieve astrological calculation called True Sidereal, based on the visual sky. This study group is not only about you learning about all these aspects at your own pace, but also about connecting with other students to learn from each other, because the magic is in the practice of what you learn, and the exchange with other students.
If you have any additional questions about this membership, be sure to drop me an e-mail.

This membership is for you if you're an individual who wants to more flow in your life. Through this membership, you'll learn about the early Human Design teachings and how you can use these teachings to re-connect with your true nature. I teach Human Design in a simple and practical way, based on the original Revelation, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design teachings.
Although I might mention the variety of aspects that were later added to the system, our main focus is on the original Revelation so that you can actually read and understand your Human Design chart without years of study and memorising names and keynotes. This approach is meant to be self-teaching, instead of creating co-dependency between teacher and student.
Adding True Sidereal to the equation makes this study group unique and controversial.
If you're not sure about this membership being for you, send me your questions and concerns through e-mail so that I can support you in making an informed decision.

Our content exists mostly of video presentations with voice-overs, subtitles, and transcriptions. We also have lessons with audio versions only and their transcriptions, or simply in writing. All modules also have interactive assignments and workbooks to get practical and receive personal feedback from me.
From the moment you join the study group, you'll be able to access all currently published content. Over time, new content will be added (mostly the bonus courses, which aren't created yet) and older content will be updated. I'm constantly refining the content library as I'm growing and evolving as a person, too.
We notify our members of updates through our change log in the Facebook group.
We aim to create subtitles for all videos, and transcripts for all audios, so that this study group is inclusive toward people who struggle with hearing or sight. Note that the Zoom gatherings are not subtitled. I try to make sure that the replays are subtitled within reasonable time, but it sometimes takes a bit more time because of the magnitude of this task. Thank you for your patience.

You can work through the content at your own pace. So you decide how much time you spend on working through the courses. As long as you're a member of our study group, you can always revisit the courses' lessons.
If you want to deepen your journey with me, you can do the interactive assignments to get personal feedback from me and share your questions, struggles, and experiences through our Facebook group.
We also host Thursday gatherings in our Zoom meeting room. Participation is not required but it can definitely enrich your journey big time.

Most Human Design chart calculations are based on Tropical/Seasonal astrology based on the Earth/Sun equinoxes. We believe that Tropical astrology is not showing an accurate representation of your imprint at birth, and this has been confirmed by many Human Design practitioners. Tropical astrology was once matching the actual constellations in the sky a few hundred years BC but in the past 2000+ years, it is off by approx. 39 degrees by now (approx. 1 degree every 72 year). Also, Tropical astrology doesn't take into account the wobbling of the Earth's axes and the actual sizes of the constellations of the sky.
True Sidereal is based on the visual sky, as we would look at it through software like Stellarium. If the Sun is in Aquarius, it would show you exactly that in the sky. That is not the case with Tropical astrology. True Sidereal also honors the 13th Zodiac sign (Ophiuchus). 

We no longer identify with types in our approach to Human Design. Types were only added in 1997 by Robert Alan Krakower (Ra Uru Hu), along with authority, profile, and crosses. We tend to believe that types are an aspect of the later Human Design that eventually became too generalized and mostly based on Krakower's personal findings, associations, and opinions, causing confusion and putting people in boxes instead of steering them to what's actually important and essential: re-connecting with your true nature (which can never be defined by an outer authority).
We stripped Human Design of all additional aspects and went back to the root, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design teachings. Zeno was first-generation student and certified analyst, and was actually responsible for creating the first Human Design manuals, instructed by Ra Uru Hu. After years of research, study, and experimentation, she was able to present the original Human Design Revelation as a simple and practical system to help you becoming aware of how you're conditioned and how you are conditioning others, in order to improve your relationships and create more flow in your life.

If you know your birth details (date, time, and place), you can calculate your Human Design chart through this link (coming soon). This chart will give you all the information you need, in True Sidereal, to get started with this study group.
Of course, you are also welcome to bring in other calculations to the study group as well, although, we primarily focus on True Sidereal. E.g., Genetic Matrix offers calculations in Tropical, as well as in many different sidereal ayanamsas.

If you want to get a different approach to Human Design, based on the original Revelation, than this is the place to be.
For me, Human Design is about being the observant participant in my own life, understanding my conditioning and how I condition others so that I can make aligned decisions to (self-) empower.
This is not a place for you if you solely want to gather knowledge to tell yourself (and/or others) that you're "this" or "that". We don't generalize information, nor do we label people or put them in categories or boxes.
Our goal is to help people read and understand their chart and other people's charts with a reasonable amount of study and contemplation, keeping it simple and practical, and always putting people before charts in an empowering and expansive way. The interactive part of this study group is, therefore, the most important aspect.
The experience is always different upon meeting the people in this study group, which makes it an enriching journey just by understanding how we relate to each other through this group.
Also, if your experiment was based on Tropical/Seasonal astrology, this could be an interesting challenge for you. True Sidereal shows you a completely different chart to work with. This, combined with our alternative approach to Human Design, creates a unique experience. And of course, if you don't like it, you can cancel at any time (monthly).

Zoom gatherings are hosted every Thursday (except for holidays) at alternating times to cover as many time zones as possible. One week we gather at 8:30 AM, UTC (for European, Asian, and Australian time zones) and the other week at 4 PM, UTC (for European and American time zones). You can use a time zone converter to match it with your time zone: click here.
Depending on my residence, this could change in the future. I currently reside in Belgium.
All Zoom gatherings are recorded. If you can't attend gathering, you can still watch the replay afterward.

The gatherings are hosted in my Zoom meeting room. It requires you to one-time download the free application to a device (desktop, tablet, or phone), and registering your spot in advance. We connect through video chat (through webcam, microphone, and speakers, ear pods, or headphones). The gatherings are also live-streamed into our private Facebook group for people who are unable to join the meeting room. Take into account that the live-stream in Facebook has a delay of approx. 30 seconds.
All gatherings are recorded. If you can't attend a gathering, you can still watch the replay afterward. Replays will be stored in our content library and in the Facebook group guides.

I'm currently located in the CET time zone (Central European Time, Brussels). The times of our events are shown in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). UTC is the same time shown as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can use a time zone converter to match it with your time zone: click here.

Totally fine! You can cancel your membership at any time through your account — no questions asked whatsoever. You will still have access to the membership site and Facebook group for the remaining time of your paid term. If you cancel within your 14-day free trial, your card won't be charged after your trial ends.

All sales are final. You can cancel your subscription monthly. The 14-days trial gives you enough time to get a taste of what it's like to be part of this study group for you to make an informed decision upon staying or leaving. If you cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial, your card won't be charged after the trial ends.

When you join the study group, you will be locked in with that particular price. The price may go up for new members, but as long as you keep your membership active, you will never pay more than what you agreed on when joining. If you, on the other hand, cancel your membership and the price goes up, you will be locked in with the new price upon re-joining the study group.

Sure! Add your business details and VAT number at check-out, or send me an e-mail with your business details (company name, address, VAT number), and I'll make sure you get a proper invoice for your books.

Do you have other questions?
Contact me.


"What I love most about the study group are the Zoom sessions and the community itself. You have built a wonderful group. What I appreciate about you is how supportive and laid-back you are. And you're very open and honest; it’s refreshing! So it’s no wonder you've built an amazing community."

Gretchen O.


"I was first introduced to your work in a business group we both belonged to. I was immediately intrigued by the things you were talking about, I had never heard of Human Design before. There's also something very honest and warm about you that I was drawn to. You are so knowledgeable about Human Design; you help it make sense and provide practical advice and tools to use. As a member, I really enjoy the courses I can do on my own, but even better are your Zoom sessions and other live events that always lead to interesting, deep conversations."

Renee F.


"You have made your many classes in small pieces so I can learn at my pace. Your study group helps me to share my experiences at a personal level or related to my business. I can then explore how things could have been done differently and how I could do in the future. Very useful and enriching."

Emma M.