An Introduction to Human Design

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Human Design was founded by Alan Krakower (Ra Uru Hu) in 1987 in a rather unusual way. I'll tell you more about that in the next lesson, but first: what is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of:

  • Eastern and Western astrology, 
  • the Hindu chakra system, 
  • the Judaic Kabbalah, 
  • the Chinese I'Ching,
  • biogenetics and quantum physics.

All these elements combined create a beautiful system of which you have a unique design based on your birth details.

With Human Design, you can:

  • discover your unique gifts and talents, how you're hard-wired from birth,
  • learn to understand your behavioral patterns and how your environment conditions you,
  • learn to grow into alignment with who you truly are, so that life gets a lot easier,
  • learn how to make accurate and reliable decisions so that you can live a more authentic life.

Through this free introductory course, I'm going to help you navigate the basics of the Human Design system, so that you can start unraveling your unique design.

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Daisy is amazing

As a reflector, I think I was taken aback by how much of the chart resonated with me. I’m fairly self-aware, but the lunar decision-making aspect of my profile did make me think about why I need time, and lots of it, when making decisions. Daisy has been so generous with her time and offerings, I cannot praise her enough. Once I’ve finished my big project, I’m coming back to this course and others too.

6 months ago