Self-discovery Sessions

What is transformational coaching?

Most coaches are transactional, performance-driven coaches. They help you set goals and achieve them. They trust that you will find what you need to move toward reaching the goals you have set. It's all about exploring the options, deciding on strategy, and taking action.

A transformational coach, on the other hand, doesn't focus so much on performance, but looks deeper. It's not so much about "what you want to achieve" but more about "who do you choose to be", and then work toward embodying that new way of being.

Of course, you can still bring your dreams, goals, and objectives to the table.
As a transformational coach, though, I will challenge you to dive deep below the surface, to explore and examine your beliefs about who you are, and what your purpose and place is in this world, using your unique Human Design as a guideline.

Through transformational coaching, you do not only explore your ways of doing, but also your ways of being. Along with the gift of Human Design, we're working toward embodiment of what you learn, to create and integrate long-lasting positive change in your life.
And when you look back on your journey, you'll see that it was all about soul-deep transformation.

Trauma-informed Human Design

As a Human Design guide, helping you to decondition from the harmful belief systems and identifications you hold, it's very important for me (and for you as well) to always look for potential underlying and unresolved trauma.

The reason why so many coaches fail to support actual transformation is because they're too result-driven and not informed enough of what trauma actually is, how they can recognize trauma, and how it can hold people back from whatever they try to find in their lives.
We're actually just starting to understand the role of trauma in our lives and throughout the world.

Being trauma-informed is such a big deal these days.
In my own life, having someone who's trauma-informed at my side, has made all the difference in the world.
And trauma can happen on many levels, from deep personal ones, to collective and intergenerational ones.
No one is without trauma. We all have a fair share of unresolved pain and emotions to work through.

Note that trauma-informed coaches and Human Design guides aren't equipped to guide you through resolving your trauma, but they can help you uncover what is really holding you back, hold space for you to explore that in a safe way (up to certain levels), help you understand what is needed to move forward, and guide you toward the right trauma specialist, therapist or psychologist, if necessary.

1:1 Self-discovery Sessions

I'd love to support you on your journey to doing the work necessary to be part of the solution this world needs.
Using my unique gifts and your Human Design chart, I'll be your guide on the side, asking you questions so that you can find the answers within. I'll hold space for you to process whatever comes up.

I'll be offering you:

  • a safe space to vent, dig deep, and share what you feel is important;
  • a safe space to reflect, learn, and investigate the different aspects of your unique chart;
  • a safe space to experiment with implementation and embodiment of what you have learned.

Topics we might address:

  • understanding & integrating the basics of your unique Human Design;
  • uncovering harmful and misaligned patterns and beliefs;
  • finding your purpose & cultivating your gifts;
  • learning to love and value yourself;
  • making decisions as yourself and for yourself;
  • setting healthy boundaries & learning to manage your unique energy;
  • diving deeper into the specifics of your Human Design chart.

Bonuses for business owners:

  • building and maintaining your (coaching) business;
  • unlearning harmful and misaligned marketing and business strategies;
  • connecting & interacting with your soul audience;
  • leveraging your unique magnetism for selling with ease & confidence;
  • healing your relationship with money,

... and lots more.

I'd love to help you with all the insight, knowledge, kindness, and support I can give you, gently pushing you towards the answers that lie deep inside of yourself, helping you to create a life you love, and being part of the solution this world so desperately needs right now.

Let's get started

"I enjoyed our conversation. I felt like I could say what I wanted to say. You also asked the right questions to help me find clarity. It helped me deliberately and unknowingly to make individual decisions. You have kept the possible follow-up free of obligation. This way, I can tune in with my intuition 100% to assess if I need another session, or not. It gives me the feeling that if I book another session, I get the maximum return from my investment."
Luuk Imberg
"Daisy is someone who focuses on your company and then supports you all-round in the growth of both you and your business. The fact that Daisy understands what I do also gives me a lot of confidence. She offers a personal approach based on my questions. No standard step-by-step plans or quick-rich marketing tricks."
Bo Desmadryl
"I approached Daisy because I got stuck with the growth of my business. The way she approaches her business appealed to me. Her approach is very professional, thorough, and — most importantly — from the heart."
Carolijn Vet