Why I ditched Type & Strategy

If you're focused on type, strategy, and the chart itself, you're fooling yourself thinking you know things about someone you meet. You don't [...]

If you're focused on type, strategy, and the chart itself, you're fooling yourself thinking you know things about someone you meet. You don't. Type, strategy, the chart, it's all blinding you for what is right in front of you. You miss out on so many things. 

Okay... let me explain.

Type, strategy, authority, etc., have become the most popular aspects of Human Design. That's because the mind loves that kind of comfortable "certainties," the comfort of the labels and the boxes.

And that's okay if you're talking about yourself (that’s your choice). But it's not okay if you're putting others in those boxes. 

It feels very disempowering to be put in boxes like that just because you love your mind to get hyped. And it is contagious because everyone wants a piece of that: feeling like you know stuff, like you have control over knowing stuff, like it's actually helpful.

For a short period, it might be helpful to some because they will feel temporary relief: "Yay, I'm this. I can stop searching now." 

But it's just temporary. And as that wears off, the mind will have to come up with new things to be hyped about. That's how the whole Human Design system is built, I believe. Because people wanted more, and Robert Alan Krakower (aka Ra Uru Hu) provided. 

It's the never-ending loop of the mind.

But in reality, no label can define you. To step out of that loop, one will have to let go of that and go back to what's actually there: not a chart, not a type, not a strategy, but a human being.

And as long as we put charts in front of people, we'll never see. 

I can say a lot about Zeno Dickson's teachings, and I have been, to lots of people, but it's all in vain if we keep putting charts in front of people.

You see, I won't make myself popular with this because the mind wants to put charts in front of people. It wants types and strategies. It's mind control, and the mind loves that. It's a false sense of security. Until it all comes down again. And life will make sure that happens.

So, you can be in that loop your whole life. It's exhausting. And people drag each other down that way.

I can scream and shout about wanting to help, but if no one really sees me because you're putting my chart and everything you think you know in front of me, it won't make a difference.

That's why I'm so motivated to pull through with a different approach.
But it's tough. It's very tough...

And then there's True Sidereal Human Design...

I'm glad so many people are resonating with their new charts. I really am. But it won't change a thing if it's another thing to put in front of people and thinking you know things. Then it becomes just another rabbit hole for the mind. And people will still not feel seen, recognized, appreciated for who they really are, regardless of what type the chart shows... 🤷🏻‍♀️

And this is just one of many reasons.
I'll share more soon...

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