The Key to "having energy"

When I was still working with my Tropical Human Design chart, I believed that I didn't have sufficient energy. It was confirmed by what [...]

When I was still working with my Tropical Human Design chart, I believed that I didn't have sufficient energy. It was confirmed by what practitioners and teachers told me about being a Projector or a non-sacral being.

It felt like a relief.
Because I was fighting exhaustion and burnout all my life.
I suddenly got this permission slip to do "nothing," to rest and relax more.

But after discovering my True Sidereal Human Design chart, I knew that wasn't true. I do have sufficient energy, and it's not because my new chart says "sacral being" or "Generator." 

Nothing really has changed when it comes to my energy levels, apart from my profound inner work resulting in more vital power. 

In Human Design, these descriptions of non-sacral vs. sacral beings, types, and defined vs. undefined centers really do us no good. It feels so final, so limiting.

"Oh, I'm a Projector. Too bad, I don't have sufficient energy."

And that's it.
We tend to accept that, and it becomes this new belief: I don't have energy.

Before I discovered Human Design, I would've never said that to myself. I always tried to find solutions to my energy levels. I always knew there was inner work to do to activate my vital power.

And I believe EVERYONE has that potential vital power within.

But systems like Human Design, how it is taught, really becomes a problem. It's too dogmatic. It becomes yet another belief system even though so many practitioners tell me it's not but their actions and behavior show otherwise.

Your Human Design chart does not define your energy levels.
They result from how you show up in this world, what you believe about yourself, and the frequency you're vibrating on.

Lower vibrations that we also call "Shadow frequencies" tend to be very draining because they resist the natural flow of life. It costs us tremendous amounts of energy to stay in that lower vibration. Fear keeps us there, e.g., and if you want to learn more about these frequencies, I suggest you take a look at Jessie's (@joyfullyhuman) IG page because she shares much exciting information on the Consciousness Map.

Another way of looking at this is through the Gene Keys, founded by Richard Rudd, who describes Human Design as a journey in which we can embrace and work through our Shadows to uncover our Gifts and ultimately transcend into the Siddhi, which becomes Enlightenment (but not of the spiritual bypassing kind).

Everything is energy.
We just need to tap into that, align with that natural flow to remove our conditioning's energy blockages. Conditioning isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is if it's holding you back from aligning with your true nature. 

The energy is in alignment.
And it doesn't matter if you're a sacral or non-sacral being, a certain type, or if you have 2 or 4 motors, or no motor defined in your chart.

Those aspects can tell you something about the quality of the energy you're here to bring. But they don't say anything about your levels of energy. That's a very personal journey. That's about doing some profound inner work, "shadow work," if you will.

Don't let anyone tell you you don't have the energy.
Don't tell yourself you don't have the energy.

Let it come from within: life will always steer you toward activating that vital power that has always been there. You just need to be willing to show up for life, even if it feels uncomfortable. 

And yes, it takes time.
At least, that's my experience.
Healing and alignment is a cyclical process. It's not linear.
Some wounds take up a lifetime to heal.

But I can honestly testify that ever since I'm committed to doing the inner work, sitting in the discomfort of confronting my own shadows, my energy levels have increased like never before. Not ever will a Human Design chart define my levels of energy ever again.

We are such powerful beings.
All the inner work done on an individual level will eventually translate into healing on a collective level. I'm so sure that we're on this path now more than ever 💗

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