The Conditioning Power of Language

I wanna share an excerpt from my study group's lessons: Before we dive in, I just want to share one other thing. I think this is wildly [...]

I wanna share an excerpt from my study group's lessons:

Before we dive in, I just want to share one other thing. I think this is wildly important for anyone who practices Human Design or any other system. It's about being aware of possible identification through language.

Let me give you an example:

"Hey, what's your type and strategy?"
"Oh, I'm a 3/5 Emotional Projector. And you?"
"Awesome. I'm a Projector, too. A 2/4 Self-Projected Projector."

You already know that I ditched type, strategy, authority, and profile because it tends to put you into these shallow, generalized boxes, distracting you from the real power of your Human Design chart.

But there's something else as well I want you to look at: the identification that happens through using language like "I am."

I repeat: You are not your Human Design chart. You are so much more.

Using "I am" language is very limiting to your true nature. And therefore, you'll subconsciously cut yourself off of your true nature by reinforcing those same statements over and over again (which is how "mainstream" Human Design is built): "I am ..."No, you're not.

You are not a Projector. You are not your profile. You are not your authority. You are not even your definition type or design mode.

You are more. The aspects of your Human Design chart are just clues, signposts, elements you can take with you during your journey, and try on to see where it brings you. It always needs to be (self-)empowering and bringing you into a higher frequency on the spectrum of consciousness. If it doesn't (and limiting yourself to a certain identification is part of that), it'll take you further away from understanding who you truly are and reconnecting with your true nature.

Language is always limiting because it's a human invention to make sense of the world around us. It creates an illusion of separateness. In reality, everything is interconnected, part of that same whole.

We put things into categories, naming them to understand each other when we're talking about something. And because of that, we teach ourselves to see things and people as separate, instead of interconnected.E.g., we named that thing outside in the garden a "tree," and by using that terminology, we can understand each other when we're talking about that thing that is now identified as a "tree." But by putting it into that category, we no longer see it as part of the whole. It has now become a separate thing, a thing that stands on itself. And we built a whole world like that.

Language is programming us every single day.
Language is part of our conditioning.

And yet, when we want to talk about something and understand something, language can be so useful, right?
Some people can understand each other by hardly using words, but most people need clear language. Therefore, it can sometimes be a strange experience to have these unconscious battles for "who conditions who"?Anyway, when it comes to our Human Design practice, let me just give you a quick tip to not fall into the trap of identifying yourself with things you are not. For this course's purpose — we don't work with type, strategy, authority, etc., in this study group — I'll use definition type and design mode as an example instead.

"Hey, what's your definition type and design mode?"
"Oh, I have a quadruple-split definition to wait. And you?"
"Awesome, I also have a design to wait, but it's a simple split."

"I am..." ⇢ "I have..."
You have something you can take with you along your journey.
But you are not that something.

Remember that every time people tend to "define" who you are by asking you these questions, or when you tend to "define" yourself to make it easier for people to understand. Language holds power. Let us use that power in a way that is actually helpful and empowering, rather than limiting and disempowering 💗

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