My personal experience with my Cosmic Human Design™ chart (so far)

My mind doesn't have issues accepting the Tropical chart. It's like it's representing the "Mind" side of my unique design in a way [...]

My mind doesn't have issues accepting the Tropical chart. It's like it's representing the "Mind" side of my unique design in a way, something I'm conscious of, and something I can explain and reason easily with my mind.

But the Cosmic (True Sidereal) chart seems to be something completely different. It doesn't seem to be that conscious. You could compare it a bit with the "Body" side of your unique design. It's there, but the recognition still needs to happen.

I woke up this morning, and my mind was giving me this idea that the True Sidereal stuff is just bullshit because it defies everything Ra taught. Also, many people don't seem to be resonating with it (just yet).

So, my mind felt again threatened by the whole experience and wanted to go back to the "safe zone," the comfort zone of my Tropical, ditching the entire experiment; even thinking about changing my website and social media back to what it was, and pretend the True Sidereal never happened, lol.

But something within me, something way deeper that the mind can't possibly understand, connects with the Cosmic chart. I always feel called to get another look at it, to read up on the Gene Keys that are activated in my Cosmic chart... and then, there's this "feeling," something physical, something profound, that my mind can't make sense of. And I'm suddenly 100% sure and in awe.

But then daily life goes on, and my mind takes over again, and before I know it, I'm back in that confusion of the mind that wants to find "safer grounds," lol.

In the beginning, those moments of confusion were really intense, like an identity-crisis (in all my charts, my identity center came up defined, though), like I suddenly didn't know what to believe anymore. My mind could really freak out about that, almost causing me panic attacks.

But now... it seems to ebb away a bit more. Like the "emotional wave" is evening out. My mind is still confused at times, but it doesn't feel that intense. It's manageable. And by practicing awareness, I can move past the tendency to react.

I wonder what this process is about. I didn't have that with my Tropical chart.

With my Tropical, my mind was pretty sure about it, but I didn't have that more in-depth physical "click." The Tropical chart was just making sense. It felt like a relief, especially at the beginning of discovering Human Design.

One could say: if the Cosmic chart causes so much mental confusion, is it then resonating or not? And I can't really say. I can only say it does something on a level my mind can't get at.

So, I'm curious about what it does for you (it could be something completely different, who knows).

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