Daisy Deb

Hi there,

My name is Daisy Deb.
Actually, it's Daisy De Boevere, but seeing that my name is hardly pronounceable, I'm going by the name of Daisy Deb ;-)

I'm a 5/1 emotional Projector, Left Angle Cross of Upheaval 2. I'm also a trauma-informed transformational coach and Human Design guide, and business mentor for Projectors.

I have been an entrepreneur since 2005.
In the first 10 years, I managed, and sometimes I thrived. I didn't know anything about marketing and growing a business, I just wanted to put my passions at work and share them with others. I wanted to help other people to do the same if that was what they desired.

But I got curious, and after a burn-out-ish kinda thing, it felt like the right opportunity to learn more about business and marketing. And so I enrolled in a few courses and coaching programs, invested a lot of money, and at first, some of the things seemed to work, and I started to like it.

But then... it got harder and harder to get in the flow, and my passions started to suffer from it. I started getting difficulties to attract new clients and money became scarce. I started feeling exhausted all the time, and nothing seemed to work, which made me bitter and resentful.

And then, I discovered Human Design. A new world opened up to me, and I was shocked to find out that I am a Projector. Everything Human Design taught me from that point on made so much sense. I tended back to my passions and started looking at my business in a totally new way.

I unlearned a lot of the strategies I came so used to use as an entrepreneur and started to connect more with what aligned with my Projector nature. And that's precisely what helped me to find my way back to my passions and start thriving again as an entrepreneur.

Now I am a Human Design guide and business mentor, helping service-based entrepreneurs healing and growing with the help of Human Design. I mostly have Projector clients. I understand their pain and dreams because I lived through them personally.

Now I can combine everything I learned throughout my own entrepreneurial journey with new lessons from my Human Design experiment, enabling me to hold space for other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as me. It's the most beautiful thing to be a guide from the side for the people I love to serve 💗



It's important to mention that I am not a certified Human Design professional.
I chose not to be certified because I don't feel that the traditional teachings from the IHDS (International Human Design School) resonate with my soul. The IHDS is the original Human Design school, founded by Ra Uru Hu in 1992.
Human Design has been mutating around the world ever since Ra started teaching the system.
I consciously choose to learn and study Human Design through mentoring, coaching, and alternative education by teachers and mentors I feel more aligned with, as well as intuitively tuning into Human Design charts and guided wisdom.

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"Daisy shares honestly from her own experiences, and looks at the situation with great understanding. I’m 100% sure that she only wants what's best for her clients. A person like her, I want to keep close to me."
Charlotte Boogaerts
"Daisy is a wonderfully warm person. She does business with her heart. She tells openly and honestly about her quests and explorations. You get valuable tips about doing business as a solopreneur!"
Janien Leeuwerke
"Always fun working with Daisy. So much valuable information for staying true to yourself and still working on your own business. Daisy is a lovely coach. Thank you, Daisy, for all your hard work and helping all of us."
Ann Van den Heuvel
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